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New Format, New Design

After announcing that I was delaying the book, I recognized my failure in opening the lines of communication with the people who matter most in this whole project: the fans. What better way to do this than through a personal website? To be fair, I wasn’t looking forward to the thought of needing to redesign my site, especially after the hurtful loss of my art-book. Still, as my producer recently told me, the only way to slay the demons of self doubt is to get right back in the saddle (as soon as you stop using so many sloppy metaphors, of course).

“So where should I start?” I wondered. “Why not take an old design I really liked that never worked for TGA, tweak it until it looks different enough so no one notices, and get the most done with minimal effort?” I was even able to ‘pass the programming buck’ to a good friend, avoiding countless hours struggling to make my design work properly.

I’ve finally accepted that leaving atheism scene did not mean I’ve lost my appetite for attention-seeking. In a sense, I now feel as though without the constraints of representing ‘atheism’ in any way, shape or form, I can finally indulge in some glorious self-aggrandizing behavior without needing to worry about how it might make ‘atheism’ look bad.

Of course all of this is pretty vague, and as usual I often promise more than I can deliver. But I hope you’ve appreciated my honesty in owning up to my failures, and you still enjoy it when I try to impress the shit out of you.

Failed Project: A Winner is Me

I say failed, but I eventually want to resurrect this puppy if I can find someone to animate it. Jeff managed to do the first one, but it was a huge ordeal and he didn’t enjoy it one bit. If any of The 300 has some experience with flash, we still have all the animation files for it. A man can dream…

Achievements: What the Hell are Those?

Hey Gang,

If you’ve been visiting the site out of curiosity, you may have noticed these ‘achievements’ on the side bar, and wondered what they are all about. Well, a little while back some of ‘The 300’ had teased at the idea of implementing a badge system, so I went ahead and installed one, and filled it up with a ton of fun categories. Many of these are unlocked via secret codes that will be sent you via email, Skype, or messenger, depending on your preferred method of communication. When you enter these codes, you’ll unlock special achievement and ‘karma’ points (not what I wanted to call them, but you work with what you have). Some of these achievements include ‘Devil’s Advocate‘ (for arguing against the prevailing opinion in a forum) , ‘Angry Monkey‘ (for having a tirade against religion), and ‘Pimp my File‘ (for filling out your profile including a funny bio). There will even be some achievements that are time sensitive, or can only be unlocked by listening to the podcast.

As time goes on, more and more of these achievements will show up, evolving as the group does. I hope you find these as fun as I do!

Kirk Cameron Parody

This is the first comic I ever drew for TGA’s extremely short lived comic series, but I didn’t include this one in The Essentials DVD because there was simply way too much text. Brevity really is the soul of wit.

Venture Brothers: “Groovy” and the Gang

Quite possibly my favorite Adult Swim cartoon of all time. The minds behind the Venture Brothers are insanely talented; Doc ( Ed) Hammer is about the closest thing we have to a Renaissance genius in these modern times. He’s a self taught painter, actor, musician, and writer. His partner in crime, ‘Jackson Publick‘, was a comedic protege nursed in the loving arms of Ben Edlund, the creator of the Tick. It was during his time working with Edlund that he met Patrick Warbuton who would eventually provide the voice of the mother-bear of the series, Brock Samson.

Do not be surprised if I post up a great deal of their shit, since many of you are painfully unaware of the brilliance on display here.

Fightlinker Comic #1

The Fightlinker comic was ‘mildly’ autobiographical, and this refers to when Ryan left his regular employment to start writing full time for a website about Mixed Martial Arts. I would eventually sell my share of the site when we sold it to Rebellion Media in 2011.

Best Kung-Fu auditions ever, Extended Version

Apparently the Internet found a few more precious moments of what is generally considered to be one of the greatest memes of all time. The notoriety of slamming his face into the ground eventually led to a lighthearted, if somewhat pointless, movie: Afro Ninja

That Mitchell and Webb Look

It took some time for these two to find their rhythm (I recommend you skip their earlier series, That Mitchell and Webb Situation), but by the time this series came out, they were on the top of their form. Their movie, Magicians, is also quite funny and is filled with in-jokes and cameos by famous performers.

Also, whatever you do, don’t watch Peep Show. I know some people seem to think it was the height of comedy, but in my opinion, it’s simply awful.

Fightlinker Comic #17

For a few weeks, I tried to illustrate a comic for Ryan’s site Fightlinker.com. Unfortunately, not only did I lack the discipline to stick with it, the artwork kept on changing so fast I was never able to pick a style that worked. This one works no matter what the subject matter is…