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Support my Patreon Campaign

Support my Patreon Campaign

As some of you know, I’ve been doing “patronage” as a system of financing my operations since 2009. Many of you have at some time or another contributed; either as a yearly sum in the old days, or as a monthly subscription in recent times. Of course, my limited programming skills often meant that I was unable to develop a backend to make this work. I’ve been reliant on paypal for some time, but not everyone likes this system.

So when Patreon came along it seemed like the smart move. There was only one problem: I had already done an Indiegogo campaign, and I feared how switching to a new service before I was able to complete my objective. However, enough fan encouraged me to do this that I went ahead and created an account. While originally this was going to ressurect TGA, I decided instead to create a new project, called “Sketchy Magazine”. You can read the first 10 pages for free here.

Why not become a supporter at just 1$ a magazine