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A repository of all the artwork I’ve drawn over the last few years

Bible Stories: Genesis Postcard

Here’s a sneak peak at the latest postcard I’ve been working on. It’ll function as a ‘voucher’ for the e-book version of the book. Kinda feels more like a poster to me, doesn’t it?

Amazing Short Stories Magazine


Ever since I wrote Bible Stories, I’ve become obsessed with the short story genre. Short stories are older than civilization itself; these were the ways were related to one another, and to the struggle of our existence.

Back in the 1940’s and 50’s, there was an explosion of magazines that featured stories of all kinds. Comic books were one of the offshoots, but the story magazine did not do nearly as well.

The digital revolution can change that. With the marginal costs always decreasing to near zero, it’s possible to distribute over a huge market, at a very low cost. Hence, I’m going to be releasing a short story magazine with the various stories I’ve wanted to write over the years. Here’s the sample cover of the first edition, which will contain three original tales: “Unrecognizable”, “The Voice”, and “What are the Odds?”.

Postcard #2 Preview


If you liked the first postcard, you’re going to flip out with this new one I’m working on for Genesis. For this one, that gag is as follows (see if you can solve the riddle):

Which of the following figures did NOT inspire the story of Noah?

a) Upnapishtim
b) Ziasudra
c) Yu the Great

Bonus: What is the biggest distinction in the stories?

Telethon “Bible Stories” Postcard

A number of years ago, I did a series of postcard ads for an event held by my ex called “Light and Motion”. These ended up being extremely popular and even leading to a bunch of pop-ins despite a pretty limited run. So, when it came time to think of some marketing strategies, I decided not to try and re-invent the wheel, and go with what worked: attractive cartoons on glossy construction paper.

I plan on making a whole series of these for the highlights of the Bible. This one is Exodus, but I plan on making some for Genesis, Kings, Judges, and all the crazy stories that are too ludicrous to believe. If that maniac Jack Chick can distribute a billion of his vile comics, surely we can try for a few hundred at least.

Be sure to click on the image to get a higher rez version to look at. Please also ignore the grammar or spelling mistakes. I haven’t quite finished finalizing the text (it doesn’t quite work, but it’s 99% of the way there).

Bible Stories Cover


Some of you stalkers out there might be able to tell the difference between this cover and the one I put up on the Indiegogo campaign. Well, I had to pick a size for the actual book, and I wanted to try and balance out the text with the visuals. The original’s font was a tad dark and too close to the margins. If any of you feel different, feel free to let me know in the forums.

Now, you know that me posting this up means it’s getting dangerously close to the time when I release the free chapter I’ve been teasing you all about!

Project on Hold: Alexander Pic #1

Some of the super hard-cores might recall that a few years back I was floating around the idea of making a game called Alexander. It’s basically a historical fiction version of Shining Force, with Greek mythology instead of the typical fantasy tropes. The project, like many others, has fallen in ‘permanently stalled’, but every once in a while I still do a bit of artwork. If you’re familiar with these types of games, the artwork should conjure up a few memories.

Bible Stories Original Cover

This is the inked version of the Bible Stories¬†book cover. You may have noticed there is something profoundly wrong with my face. Well, I was having some trouble completing the drawing, and I thought forcing myself to ink it permanently would give me the gravitas to get it done. Instead, I end up with Duck-Face Jake, with the eye that ain’t right.

I had to fix it in post, but this massive drawing (which belongs to a member of the 300 now) comes complete with my massive fuck-up. I thought I would share it now before I try to convince Scott to destroy this monstrosity forever!

The Essentials DVD: Napoleon Art

For those of you who haven’t purchased The Essentials DVD (which is just about everyone), then you didn’t see this funny visual gag on the DVD itself. Guess what arrogant jackass drew himself as Napoleon for the painting in the background? This guy!

Failed Project: Darware

This one goes way back to 1999, when my buddy Tom Badger and I wanted desperately to start a hardware company that would manufacture ‘e-readers’ from a technology we had read about for years called ‘e-ink’. Unfortunately it turned out that we were way out of our depth, and instead the ‘Caveman’ (our version of the Kindle) was destined to be just another failed project.

Light and Motion Postcard #2

I think postcards are an awesome way to advertise for a show, and as soon as Bible Stories comes out, I might do a short series of similarly ‘themed’ advertisements in order to create excitement and buzz. It’s only about two days work to make one of these, so it’s not too bad.

The inspiration for the guy in brown is a musician friend I made in Calgary, the talented Chris Tenz.