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Bible Stories Original Cover

This is the inked version of the Bible Stories¬†book cover. You may have noticed there is something profoundly wrong with my face. Well, I was having some trouble completing the drawing, and I thought forcing myself to ink it permanently would give me the gravitas to get it done. Instead, I end up with Duck-Face Jake, with the eye that ain’t right.

I had to fix it in post, but this massive drawing (which belongs to a member of the 300 now) comes complete with my massive fuck-up. I thought I would share it now before I try to convince Scott to destroy this monstrosity forever!

Axe Cop!

What do you get when you take a 5 year old writer, and a 29 year old animator and put them together? You get Axe Cop, the ultimate super hero. What are his powers, you ask? How’s a “Perfect Fireman’s Axe” for you?! I’m glad Flute Cop eventually changed, because I can’t imagine that’s too useful…

The Essentials DVD: Napoleon Art

For those of you who haven’t purchased The Essentials DVD (which is just about everyone), then you didn’t see this funny visual gag on the DVD itself. Guess what arrogant jackass drew himself as Napoleon for the painting in the background? This guy!

Failed Project: Darware

This one goes way back to 1999, when my buddy Tom Badger and I wanted desperately to start a hardware company that would manufacture ‘e-readers’ from a technology we had read about for years called ‘e-ink’. Unfortunately it turned out that we were way out of our depth, and instead the ‘Caveman’ (our version of the Kindle) was destined to be just another failed project.

Light and Motion Postcard #2

I think postcards are an awesome way to advertise for a show, and as soon as Bible Stories comes out, I might do a short series of similarly ‘themed’ advertisements in order to create excitement and buzz. It’s only about two days work to make one of these, so it’s not too bad.

The inspiration for the guy in brown is a musician friend I made in Calgary, the talented Chris Tenz.

Space Cops Must Happen

If you don’t actually know who the man in the poster is, then just pretend you do so no one else will realize how fucking clueless you are. Nod your head at parties, acknowledge that Mr. Plinkett has the best video reviews EVER, and then kindly catch up to the rest of the population.

Re-Mastered Comic: Scooby Don’t

This is one of the comics I remastered for The Essentials DVD. It was actually the last one I ever made, but it’s probably my favorite. The ‘gang’ consists of Ryan (Velma), Jeff (Fred), Daphne (Carisa) myself (Shaggy) and Ryan’s annoying cat Saban (Scooby). This was shortly before Pope Benedict XVI would ‘retire’ and disappear from the spotlight.

Special thanks to Dan Drew, member #6 who helped with the backdrop of the first frame. He did a great job!

Fightlinker Jackal Logo 2.0

I was never truly satisfied with the original ‘Fightlinker Jackal‘¬†because it was rushed and the proportions were all over the place. Worse still, it was done sloppily using Illustrator, and if you tried to change its size, it would fuck up. Enter the second Jackal logo I made, almost universally hated by all the fans who preferred the old one. I’ll let you chose which one you think is cooler.

You’ve Got Mail

For those of you who have signed into your account, you may have noticed a new messaging service. It’s our own internal communication system, and with it, I’ll be sharing all kinds of updates, as well as sending your secret codes for achievement via this service. So stay tuned, and if you have any questions, email me! All you need to do is check your inbox, and the rest should be easy.

Light and Motion Postcard #1

When Carisa and I were a couple, I would help her with a circus arts festival she called Light and Motion. This was a postcard ad I designed that also functioned as a ‘passport’. Unfortunately, no one used it for the intended purpose and it ended up being prohibitively expensive. Also, there were a bunch of spelling mistakes, typical Jake stuff.

Now renamed Prop Fest, it since has become a bi-annual festival. If you look hard enough, you can find me on their website.